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Stephanie's background is in accounting and consulting, and she is incredibly smart. Her position has her traveling all over the world. One minute she's in Dallas and the next she's in Brazil, Chicago, Paris, New York, or Germany. Because of her busy leadership role within her organization and in her personal life, Stephanie has developed several style secrets that allow her to feel her best, stay focused on her work and her family at any given moment while looking flawlessly professional.



Dress code:

Stephanie prefers quality clothing over quantity in her closet. Her stylist at Neiman Marcus ensures that her wardrobe is coordinated with thoughtful pieces. She prefers pantsuits in the summer months and skirts with boots in the winter.


Favorite shops/brands:


Big fan of:



Daily Commute:

Stephanie is a frequent flier, but when she's in town she has a comfortable drive into her office building.




Listens to:


Work or play on planes:

Work - catching up on emails


Method business expense management:

Writes business function and attendees on back of receipts while signing for payment




Typical work routine:

Due to all of her international projects, Stephanie generally begins her day with conference calls and ends her day with research, reviewing flagged emails, or possibly another call. If she is in town, she has breakfast and/or dinner with her family, unless - you guessed it - she has a client dinner or work event to attend. Regardless of what city and country she's working in - the only thing that is really routine about Stephanie's work is that it involves a lot of phone calls and meetings.


Meeting essentials:


Office pet peeve:

Old food left in the refrigerator.


Job stress management:

Balancing personal and work life is key.

Also, working out, getting good sleep and eating well.


Happiest moment at work:

Doing great work as a team.



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:


Office description:

Bright and light.


Work tool must have:


Email management strategies:




Secret to acheiving daily objectives:

Preparation the evening before - reviewing her schedule, emails, and handling any research needed for the next day.


Networking/volunteer groups:

Children's schools


Favorite publications, blogs and websites:


Career advice:

SWANS (smart, hard-working, ambitious and nice people) soar in a consulting environment, and most corporate ones.


Work motto:

"My goal is to avoid touching something more than

  once. In general, if there is something that I know I

  need to do, I just go ahead and do it. Over time, this

  strategy saves me time and stress."

"If I'm working on something, I can get so focused - I have to be careful. A lot of times I'll use the timer on my phone to remind myself that I have a call scheduled because I can get lost in something and not look up for an hour and a half, or longer."

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