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Non-Profit Marketing Director



Shalissa has 15 years in the marketing, PR, and event industry. Her current organization directly impacts Downtown businesses and events, which is perfect because she lives Downtown. So, yeah, you could say that she’s pretty invested in her work.



Dress code:

Shalissa walks to work and all over Downtown for meetings, so weather plays an important role in selecting her outfits. Don't worry, she has a closet in her office (!) with cute heel options on hand.


Favorite shops/brands:


On her wish list:

A great pair of nude booties, and a new cropped leather jacket.


Must wear:




Client meeting must haves:

Notebook, pen, business cards, and phone.


Method to running meetings:

Making sure everyone knows each other and then getting to the point.



Desk Drawer:

Favorite office supply:


Favorite app/tools:


Email management strategy:

Take care of little things right away, and flag other messages with reminders for follow up.



Daily Commute:

Quick walk to work every day.


First thing she does in the morning to prep for work:

Checks Yahoo weather app on phone


Other work space, besides the office:

Weekend Coffee and CBD Provisions
at The Joule Hotel




Secret to meeting daily objectives:

Blocking time in Outlook calendar for
must do’s.


Career advice:

If you’re resourceful, you can figure out how to do just about anything!

"It really is the perfect job because there isn't a particular routine. Everybody's interested about what's going on Downtown, and there's a lot of excitement."



Pastry from lunch event

Flash drive

Shalissa's meeting essentials: her notebook, her phone, and her iPad which she uses to refer to things online.

"I've had some jobs where I was exposed to people that were on the Board of Directors for companies and organizations; so being around people that were stylish and smart had a big impact."

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