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Background facts


Job title & industry:



How long have you worked in your industry?


I've been in some form of events, marketing, or PR for about 15 years.


Who (or what place) has had the most impact on your style aesthetic?


Moving to Dallas and being exposed to more fashion and actually having places to shop. I've had some jobs where I was exposed to people that were on the Board of Directors for companies and organizations; so being around people that were stylish and smart had a big impact. I would think, "Okay, I like what she's wearing. I can't afford that, but I'll go try to find something that looks like it."

"If you’re resourceful, you

  can figure out how to do

  just about anything!"

Shalissa working on one of her favorite projects - keeping the map of Downtown Dallas up to date.

Dress code


How do you determine what you're going to wear to work each day?


I look at the weather forecast, and also think about how far I'll have to walk to get to meetings during the day. I look at my calender and see what sort of meetings I have. We're pretty lucky that we can be casual or dressy when we want to be.


Do you have a typical go-to look for when you have your client meetings?


For the fall and winter seasons, hands down, I wear boots almost every day with a skirt, dress or skinny pants of some sort. And usually a scarf, I'm into scarves lately. In the summer, I wear just anything that doesn't make me too hot!


Where do you shop for your work wardrobe (and when do you find the time)?



Are you an in-person shopper or do you like shopping more online?



What are your "go to" brands for clothes and accessories?



What's on your "wish list" for this upcoming season's work wardrobe?



What type of daily tote do you carry every day? And what's inside?



What's something that you wear that instills more confidence on the days when you just kind of need an extra boost?


A simple dress and heels usually do the trick.


On most days, are you pants or skirts?


Pants in winter and skirts/dresses in summer.


Heels or flats?


Well, I keep most of my heels in my work closet for meetings, but most of the time I'm in flats because I walk so much.


Lipstick or lip gloss?



What's the most important part of your beauty routine that you feel helps complete your look?


Tinted moisturizer and mascara.


Mani/Pedi style? What brands/shades are your favorite?



What is your approach toward jewelry? Do you have standard “go to” pieces that you wear most of the time, or do your mix it up?



I like to buy unique, simple items. If it's gold, and has a little sparkle, I usually like it!




Work day


Do you have a typical workday?


My typical day is a-typical. Being in marketing, I have to know things for newsletters and social media, so I have a lot of meetings with people to get updates on what they're doing, which is awesome. If I'm not in meetings, then I could be working on the annual report all day, or trying to get a newsletter completed, or schedule out a brochure, or updating our map. It really is the perfect job because there isn't a particular routine. Everybody's interested about what's going on Downtown, and there's a lot of excitement.


What essentials do you take with you to meetings?


Notebook, pen, business cards, and my phone.


Do you use a specific method to run your meetings?


I usually just make sure everyone knows each other, then get to the point.


How do you handle job-related stress?


I get out of the office for a little while, and take a quick break to go get a fancy latte downstairs or down the street. I have a lot of deadlines for articles, collateral, etc., so that’s the main thing I'm usually focused on. I really have the best job ever; I don’t feel particularly ‘stressed’.


What are some of your office pet peeves?


Honestly, we have such a good team here that I don’t have anything to complain about. But I used to work at a bank, and there were a few ladies that would talk on their cell phones in the bathroom stalls. So gross, and annoying!




Desk drawer


What is your favorite office supply, and why?



What is a work tool that's a must-have for you, app, hardware or software?



How do you use your iPad?



How would you describe your office space?



How do you organize your desk space?


Mostly piles of files and folders. Not sure "organized" is the word. ☺


How do you prioritize/manage your email inbox?


I try to take care of little things right away, and flag other messages with reminders for follow up. I also put my 'to-dos' on my Outlook calendar. The search bar is my best friend!




Daily commute


Do you have a morning routine to prep you for the office?


Probably the very first thing I do when I get up in the morning is look at the

I am ready for things to get cooler. I usually go to yoga, so I can get my workout

taken care of. After getting ready in the morning, I check my emails first thing

so I don't feel like I have to wait until I get to the office.


By what means of transportation do you use to get to work?


I walk every day, because I live really close.


How often do you work away from your office?


are such cool gathering spaces, and so convenient.







What is your secret to achieving your daily objectives?


Blocking time on my Outlook calendar for must do’s; then I don't let it go until it's done. Sometimes, I'll just stay late after everybody else is gone because days are filled with meetings, so I pick one night out of the week to just stay for a couple of hours and actually get things done. The key is putting it on the calendar.


Is your calendar, in essence, your to-do list, or do you keep a to-do list?


I keep a list on paper, but mostly I put things that have deadlines on my Outlook calendar so they won't slip away. I rewrite my paper to-do list every other day or so, to make sure I’m not writing the same thing over and over. If it's something small, I take care of it right away and move on.


So when you block time on your calendar, then they can't book you for meetings, right?


Right. They have to call me and say, "Are you really booked during this time?"


How do you stay on top of industry news for your career?


I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, blogs and Google alerts….I scan them as they arrive.


What is your method for networking?


My job is networking by nature, because I attend so many events and meetings.


Who has influenced your career the most?


I’ve had really great leaders in most of my previous work positions, as well as my current position, but I have two that come to mind. My dear friend, and previous boss, Joann, started with me on the same day at an old job, and we worked together for over six years. She gave me a lot of responsibility, and helped me climb the ladder there. Another previous boss from my nonprofit years, Paula Hughes, recruited me to direct an important gala for a nonprofit. I did that for three years, and learned so much from her.


What advice have you received in your professional life that has really stuck with you?


If you’re resourceful, you can figure out how to do just about anything!


What inspires you about your work?


The excitement of seeing others that are inspired, and have a vision to make Downtown a better place. So many people are passionate about their developments and projects, it’s awesome to see it all come to fruition.






What do you do during your downtime to refresh yourself?



What are you into now?



Do you have any hobbies?


Mostly just discovering new places to go, and things to do in, or near Downtown. I really love to explore new trails to run on, and just getting a good work out is fun for me.


How have your parents influenced your career?


They've always listened to me weigh my options from job to job. Just knowing that I have such a supportive sounding board, has been really helpful.


How important has traveling been for you personally?


We love it. My boyfriend and I travel as much as we can, whether it’s for a long weekend or a special trip. We were fortunate to travel to Vancouver, Spain, and the British Virgin Islands this past year. Not sure how to top that.



Since she walks to work everyday, the closet in Shalissa's office is perfect for keeping walking shoes, heels, coats and umbrellas very handy.

Another amazing look at the views from the Downtown Dallas Inc. conference room.

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