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Background facts


Job title and industry:



What initially drew you towards working in the media?


What or who had the biggest impact on your career as a defining moment?


Do you have a role model in your profession that has influenced your work?



How did your parents influence your career?


Who or what do you believe has been a strong influence of your personal style at work?






I mainly shop online because my free time is limited.

Our consultant sends pictures and links of current

styles, clothing and jewelry. (She likes ear crawlers,

which I love!)


Is there a certain dress style that you prefer?



And then, how do you determine what you’re going to wear on the news each day? Does the potential gravity of some news impact your decision on color or style that you select? Are you concerned with repeating colors too often?




What is something you wear that instills more confidence on days

you need it most?



Where do you shop for your work wardrobe (and when do you find

the time)?



What are your favorite brands for clothes, shoes, and accessories?



What is something that you wear that instills more confidence on days when you are not quite feeling yourself?



Lipstick or Lip Gloss? What are your go-to brands and shades?



What is the most important part of your beauty routine that you feel helps complete your look?



What's your manicure style? What brands/shades are your favorite?


What is your “must-have” product for your great hair?



What is your approach to jewelry? Do you have standard “go to” pieces that you

wear on the air most of the time, or do you mix it up?


I try to mix it up and I don’t wear expensive jewelry on air because I get hairspray

all over everything. I get so many nice messages when I wear these pearl and

diamond (CZ) ear jackets.

Who are your favorite jewelry designers currently?







Daily commute


What do you do prior to your working hours that

helps you to prepare for the day/evening ahead?


What is your favorite morning beverage?


Do you have a favorite song/artist/playlist/audio

book that you listen to while driving to the station?







What does a typical workday look like for you?


What kinds of things do you do for work?



What essentials do you have when you go to into meetings at the station or to perform an interview?



Do you have a pre-show routine that you do before going live?


When I first started in the news business, my Mom told me not to become desensitized.  Whenever I would get anxious early on she would tell me to say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” to myself. I still do that when stories are hard to tell.


How do you handle job-related stress?


Humor. I work with the most creative, diverse group of people. They have wicked senses of humor. We laugh about things I could never repeat. Put it this way, we couldn’t work in a bank!


What are some of your work pet peeves?


Misspellings. Egos, although we have a pretty level headed group at Channel 5.


What has been your happiest career moment?


My most rewarding career moment was when I reported in Kandahar, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. I also produced a 30 minute special about the experience.






Desk drawer


How would you describe your workspace?


Intimate. We don’t have offices. We have cubes.

It forces our team to be close to each other and

in turn, I know everyone’s life story.


What item is in your workspace that makes it

more YOU?


I have pictures of my family. I miss them in the

evenings but am grateful for the daytime when

I am with my children.


What is the brand of your newsroom office furniture?



What is your favorite office supply and why?



What snacks do you prefer at the office?


What’s a work tool (app, hardware or software) that is a must-have for you?


Besides texting and email, what iPhone app do you use the most?









What is your secret to achieving your daily objectives?


Perspective. The days are long but I’m very grateful

for the opportunity I have.


How do you organize the details of your life (to-do

list, calendar, notes ...)?



What helps you keep track of the stories that you

are working on? What do you use for writing out

questions you want to ask someone on air or points

that are important to include for the story?



What do you use to keep up with location shoot details?



What is your method for networking?


What advice have you received in your professional life that has really stuck with you?









What do you do during your downtime to refresh

and recharge yourself?



How important has traveling been for you personally?



Where has been one of your favorite places to visit?



Where are you looking forward to traveling next?



What charities or non-profit organizations are you involved in?



What are you currently reading?



What are you watching on TV?



What currently fascinates you?


"When I first started in the

  news business, my Mom

  told me not to become


Meredith's advice for looking and feeling your best at work:


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