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Background facts


Let's talk about your job title and industry:



Did you always have a vision of being a lifestyle expert?


How did owning that business translate into where you are now in your career?


What or who had the biggest impact or defining moment on your career?



How did your parents (laughs) influence your career? Sounds like they were really instrumental in the beginning of it at least, right?


Who or what do you believe has been a strong influence of your style?





How do you determine what you are going to wear to work each day?


I never really have a typical day and I feel like I have two modes of dressing. If I'm going to be running around a lot and I don't have appearances scheduled for the day, then I typically wear jeans or pants and a playful top. If I have business meetings or a television segment or something like a charity luncheon, then I'm definitely a dress girl. I like one piece dresses that I don't really have to think too much about. I like to be able to throw it on, add an accessory and go. Also I love color. Where most people are trying to reduce the amount of black in their closet, I am always trying to wear more black because I have the tendency to be attracted to color.


Heels or flats?


I wear mostly flats to be honest. So either a Chanel ballerina flat or Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots. I live in both of those.


Where do you like to shop and when do you find the time?


What are some of your favorite brands that

you rely on?



Do you have anything on your wish list

for an accessory or some clothing?



What type of daily tote or bag do you carry every day and what is inside?



What is something that you wear that instills more confidence on days when you are not quite feeling yourself?



Lipstick or lip gloss?


What are your favorite brands and shades?



What is the most important part of your beauty routine that you feel helps complete your look?



What's your mani/pedi style?


What hair products do you use most regularly?



What's your approach to jewelry?  Do you have standard

go to pieces that you wear most of the time, or do you mix

it up?


I'm really bad at putting my jewelry on for work because

I hate it when my bracelets clank when I'm trying to type.

But I love jewelry so much. I have this funny relationship

with it. I love jewelry and I feel like I can't get enough of

it, but I just don't wear it all that often. I wear it when I'm

dressed for an occasion.

Who are your favorite jewelry designers currently?










Daily commute


What do you do in the morning, prior to your office hours, that helps you prepare for the day ahead?



So that is your morning beverage?


What kind of transportation do you use to get to your office?


Do you have a favorite song, artist, or playlist that you listen to on your way to work?


When you fly for business, what do you do while you're in the air? Do you work, read, sleep or watch a movie?


What are your must haves for your travel?







What is your typical morning office routine?


What kinds of things do you do on any given day?


When you talk about prepping for a photo shoot, does

that involve shopping?



What essentials do you need for your Halo Home vendor meetings?


We have our sample rings and then my partner loves to take notes on her laptop, but I like having a notebook with me.


Do you have a pre-show routine that you do before going on live TV or radio?


I'm just I'm constantly reviewing what my points are that I want to make and details on what it is I'm talking about leading up to the segment. I don't have a good luck token or superstitious routine that I need to do. I try really hard to relax and enjoy the process because I think that that's reflected in the segment.


How do you handle job-related stress?


I don't know if I handle it very well, but I love what I do. And of course there are times when it gets really stressful, but I feel like I thrive in those problem-solving situations. I like tackling things that are challenging.


Do you have a work pet peeve?


I don't like it when people think that something can't be done. I feel like there are people whose nature is to immediately see how difficult something will be instead of how exciting it will be if we can pull it off. I'd much rather have people around me who like to try.


What is your happiest career moment?


I heard just before Thanksgiving that Monograms has already gone into its fourth printing. So that was probably the most recent exciting moment.






Desk drawer


How would you describe your office space?


I love all the windows and that my family is

there with me. It's nice to be surrounded by

people that are encouraging me. It's very

open and clean, so it's a really easy place to

get creative. I love that we have art that is

colorful and fun. That's inspiring.


What is in your office that makes it more

comfortable for you?


I keep that blanket, like a throw, over my

chair because it gets cold. And also my

family because it's nice that we're all together

in the office.


What would you say is your favorite office supply and why?



What snacks do you prefer at the office?


Great strategy. What is a work tool that's a must-have for you (app, hardware or software)?









What is your secret to achieving your daily

objectives? How do you get everything done?


I feel like I just keep going all the time. I sort

of plow through. I also make really fast

decisions and I don't know that's necessarily

the best way to do it, but once I decide

something - I execute really fast.


How do you organize the details of your work?

Is it through a to do list, calendar, or in your




So as you get things done, do you just delete the email?


How do you stay on top of industry news or your career?


Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram or which

blogs and publications to you frequently enjoy?



What is your method for networking?



What advice have you received in your professional life that has really

stuck with you?


I think just to be authentic. I'm out sharing ideas and working for brands

and I think it's been really important to listen to my instincts. I've always

sensed things didn't feel right when they weren't. I feel like it showed

through when I was working with maybe a brand that wasn't really

something that I would normally use or select. And so it's really

important for me to be authentic about what I'm promoting and what

I'm writing about, and to share what I love - not what I think others

might want to see.


What is your work motto?


My brother says, "Be a 'get 'er done' girl." I know that sounds terrible but

I always think of that. I'm like, "Okay, get 'er done."








What do you do during your downtime to refresh and recharge yourself?


I don't really have that much downtime, but when I do - I spend most of

my time away from work with my children and my husband, or my family.

I also really enjoy spending time with our friends.


I read that you took a yearlong trip around the world with your parents

as a teenager. How important has traveling been for you personally?



What country do you most enjoy visiting?



Where do you want to go next?



What charities or non-profit organizations are you involved in?



What books are you currently reading - or are you more of a magazine girl?



What currently fascinates you?


"It's really important for me to be

  authentic about what I'm promoting

  and what I'm writing about, and to

  share what I love - not what I think

  others might want to see."

Books by Kimberly:

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