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Background facts


Job title:


Art dealer.



What initially drew you towards working in the arts?


So how did you become an art dealer?




Who or what has been a strong influence of your personal style?




I actually don't go to a ton of those types of events. When I do, I just amp it up. I transition day into night. The flats might become heels and the jewelry might be a little blingier, and I might amp up the lipstick, and I'm good to go. I really am kind of boyish in that regard, that it's not like I'm going to put on the cocktail dress or whatever. Especially with kids - my son is 7. I look fine, but I'm just not in that full out fashionista mode. I'm not trying to belittle myself either. I really am just 'what you see is what you get.' I don't really dress up too much. I'm kind of easy-breezy, sweaters, and comfortable.


Okay, so it's pants with loose tops or cute jackets.


Yeah, literally there's probably not a skirt in my closet. It's leggings.


That's the thing. Everybody has that wardrobe formula.


Literally, I remember years ago reading an article about Isabella Rossellini saying, "If I like a pair of pants, I buy one in every color." I love that. Now when I find something that fits great and I feel good in, I buy multiples of it too. I feel like guys have it easier with their suits. They change the top. I feel like women make it too complicated sometimes.


When do you find the time to shop?


What is something you wear that instills more

confidence on days you need it most?



Lipstick or Lip Gloss?


What are your go-to brands and shades?

Chanel, by all means, makes the best gloss. I really

like Lancôme lipsticks. I also buy random stuff at

Target. I like a really soft pink. I used to like red. I

read somewhere, "A man really doesn't want to kiss

red, even though red is sexy." I haven't worn red in

a zillion years. I wear pink. I like Chanel. There's a


Definitely worth the spend then, if they last and

they're good. What is the most important part of

your beauty routine, that you feel helps complete

your look?


What is your “must-have” product for your great hair?



What do you do with the coconut oil?


I put it in just to let it soak in and sleep in it, then wash my hair the next day. It's like a deep conditioning treatment almost. I'll put it on my lips. It doesn't last long, but it looks like an awesome gloss. I wash my hair, and I flatiron it. I don't put product in it.






Daily commute


What do you do prior to your working hours that helps you to prepare for the day ahead?


That's fascinating and I can't wait to circle back.

What is the make and model of your vehicle?


While you're driving around running the errands

or while you're in here working, do you have a

favorite song or podcast that you listen to or playlist

that you've made yourself? What do you listen to?







What is your morning work routine?


Your schedule is just really nimble around tennis.



What do you do in a typical workweek?



What are the essentials that you have to have when

you go to your client meetings?


Phone to take pictures, tape measure, and pen

and paper for notes.


How do you handle job-related stress?


Tennis and/or martinis.


What has been your happiest career moment, so far?


I'm thrilled when someone just finds a piece and

I know they love it. That's just awesome. I did have

a cool moment where I was working with someone

on their fifth piece for their house. I brought

something over (usually we go through options),

and it was like love at first sight. I'd grown to know

them and that was just awesome.


You knew their taste, but that well.


I think the ultimate is just when there's a love connection with the piece. That's awesome. As an aside, I don't ever ask budget with people, which is kind of odd, I'll admit. I just think if someone connects with something, the price almost becomes irrelevant. My stuff isn't crazy expensive anyway, but when you love something, you find a way to get it.




Desk drawer


How would you describe the space where you get

most of your work accomplished?


I'm pretty mobile, but I sit here [in her dining room]

a lot. Often I just lay everything out across my
dining room table. Inventories. New artworks I've

printed out. Elevations from a designer. It helps

me to have everything in front of me at once.

Then I can play! I have to see it, so I need a big

space. Generally, I like good light and I like my

art being around me. I like seeing my lady and

dude. I need space and light, and the art around

me is inspiring.


I just love that you know you need the big table

because you're going to use all that space.


Yeah, and this has another leaf; so I can even

spread that out. Later, we're eating in here.


How do you ensure that you're comfortable while you are working?


I have a placement ritual - how I place my computer, and my napkin and drink together, and my phone and my calendar, and then all my recycled paper with my pen. Then sometimes a calculator, which might be behind my computer where it doesn't seem cluttery. I don't see it, but I know it's there. Sometimes I move the chair and I go walk.


Do you pace while you're on the phone?



What's on your wish list for your workspace or work stuff?



Right - so there is just a certain level of trust.



What is your favorite office supply and why?


Where do you get them?


What’s a work tool (app, hardware or software) that is a must-have for you?








What is your secret to achieving your daily objectives?


That goes back to the Excel sheet, which is really

more of like a general overview. My agenda is

written on recycled paper. Each night, I write

out four days of the week - so I can see what

should happen and when. I first list my must

to-dos and I place them on the appropriate

days. I try to put them in order to accomplish

them most efficiently, especially when I'm

traveling. I also include a fifth space (not

defined by a day of the week) on the paper for

things that are important but are kind of floating

wherever they can be fit in. That's also another

thing that I've learned: my to-do list needs to be

accomplish-able. I don't want to have 80 things

and can only do 10 of them. It's maybe

accomplish-able with a stretch but then the

floaters are there as well. Then I really do like my

Excel thing. I don't know if you want to know, or not know ...


Yes. You know I do.



...Just the things that need to stand out?



So you write your to do list every night? Do you

start fresh with a to do list? So every night you




Is email an issue for you?


What advice have you received in your professional life that has really stuck with you?









What do you do during your downtime to refresh and recharge yourself?



How important has traveling been for you personally?


You're so contented with where you are and what you're doing; it's not the escape for you. You just enjoy it?


What charities or non-profit organizations are you involved in?



What are you watching on TV?



What currently fascinates you?


"I'm thrilled when someone

  finds a piece and I know they

  love it. That's just awesome."

Jac's thoughts about elevating spaces with art:


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