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Background facts


Let's talk about your job title and industry:



What initially drew you towards marketing and branding?


How did you become the owner of your own marketing and design firm?



Who or what do you believe has been a strong influence of your style?





How do you determine what you are going to wear to work each day?


It really depends what I have going on that day. What meetings and events I have and what I have planned after work as well. When shopping and dressing, I try to find things that transition from desk to dinner.


If I don’t have meetings with clients and I’m getting caught up in the office, I may dress a little more casual. I try to take my clients’ dress codes in mind when going to meet with them, but I always dress in a way that is representative of the MasonBaronet brand – sophisticated and timeless, but with a stylish edge. For example, today I'm wearing a classic Diane von Furstenberg dress that I’ve tailored with a leather jacket with fringe. I can wear this dress for years, and I can pair it with different accessories or jackets to give it a completely different look. When I'm shopping, I consider whether I’ll be able to mix it up to maximize the investment and wear it throughout different seasons.


So most days, do you wear a dress or skirt, or do you wear pants? Or do you mix all of that up?



I'm fortunate that I don't work in a stodgy industry. I think people expect us to have a little bit of an edge being in a creative field. If I showed up looking like a banker, my clients would probably be a little bit nervous about me leading their branding efforts. We create identities for our clients with the purpose of getting them noticed and giving people an impression of their brand, and so I have to represent that every day.


Heels or flats?


Definitely heels! In fact if you asked people who know me, they’d probably say heels are my signature look. Unless I’m going to the pool or the gym, I’m likely in heels.


Where do you like to shop and when do you find

the time?



Do you have anything on your wish list for an

accessory or some clothing?



What type of daily tote or bag do you carry every day and what is inside?



What is something that you wear that instills more confidence on days when you are not quite feeling yourself?



Lipstick or lip gloss?


What are your favorite brands and shades?



What is the most important part of your beauty routine that you feel helps complete your look?



What's your mani/pedi style?


What hair products do you use most regularly?



What's your approach to jewelry?  Do you have standard go to pieces that you wear most of the time, or do you mix it up?


I wear my wedding ring everyday. I have a Rolex watch I wear occasionally and diamond studs that go with everything. But, when I’m looking to accessorize my outfit, I might wear a necklace, cuff or larger earrings. I love Lana Jewelry. I have several earrings and necklaces. Her designs are sleek and modern, but classic.

Is there anything that you have on your wish list for jewelry?






Daily commute


What do you do in the morning, prior to

your office hours, that helps you prepare

for the day ahead?


What kind of transportation do you use to get to your office?


Do you have a favorite song, artist, or playlist that you listen to on your way to work?






What time do you normally arrive at your office, if you are in town?


What's your morning beverage?



What does your typical workday look like?



What the essentials do you have with you for meetings?


I always have something to take notes with whether it’s my journal, laptop or phone. If it’s a new client or vendor I’m meeting with, I’ll bring business cards and sometimes a video of our work on a flash drive. These days, I prefer to take notes on my laptop. It’s easier to organize and easier to read!


How do you handle job-related stress?


The advertising business is very fast paced, so we actually talk about stress management in our office quite a bit. I think small breaks throughout the day, getting outside for lunch on nice days, staying in control of your day with a to-do list and calendar is crucial. And, not taking everything so serious. We try to balance our hard work with having fun.


Outside of the office, I focus on taking care of myself - getting good sleep and exercise. I think that's key to making sure I show up with the right energy and focus for my marathon days. Also, spending time with family and friends. I’m grateful to have a strong support system.


What is your happiest moment at work?


My happiest moments are when our clients are happy. When we’ve created work that is really unique and is elevating their brand. It’s not always easy to hit the goal of transformation, and so we have to be very disciplined. We have to have a passion for it. It’s a great feeling of pride, when we did what we set out to do. Because on a day-to-day basis, we are working on little tasks to get us to that big milestone, or that big goal. It’s the best feeling when our work leaves an impression. When we know our work, works. It's wowing and inspiring people.





Desk drawer


How would you describe your office space?


It’s clean, modern and fresh. It feels

more like a loft than a corporate office

which is great to keep us inspired and

thinking creatively on behalf of our

clients. When I was designing the

space, everything from the wall color

to the furniture had to be a reflection

of the MasonBaronet brand. It’s very

open and conducive to collaboration,

which is important in our business. We

also have lots of natural light which

keeps our energy high. We spend a lot

of time at work, so it’s important that

it be an environment we all feel

comfortable and inspired in.


We don’t keep a lot of paper around

on file anymore, which helps it look

less cluttered. Everything is digitally

archived, and so we don’t have a lot

of file cabinets. Most of my drawers

are empty except for essential files

and office supplies.


What is in your office that makes it more comfortable for you?



Do you have anything on your wish list for your décor?


Maybe a new chair in our reception area and some new art throughout the space. We’ve been in our space for about 10 years now, so some fun new pieces to add fresh energy would be great.


What would you say is your favorite office supply and why?



What is a work tool that's a must-have for you (app, hardware or software)?



How do you prioritize and manage your email inbox?


I try to skim and prioritize things first by client emails. I usually believe that my staff typically knows where I am, and when I'm going to be back. If something is urgent, they know how to get in touch with me. Clients expect me to respond in a very timely fashion to emails, and so I read those first.


I keep things on file for a long time so that I can easily find something if I need to refer back to it. My husband makes fun of me for how many emails are in my inbox. I'm sure I could have a better system!







You've mentioned your to-do list and

I'm very curious, do you keep it in a

notebook? How do you manage it?


Sometimes it's in my notes on my phone

so I can delete things as I accomplish

them or I will email that list to myself.

If I'm in a meeting, items added as a

result get transferred to the universal

list. I have an assistant and she helps

me manage that to-do list as well. I’ll

ask her to add things to the list and

each day we’ll look at it and prioritize

it. It helps me to check on the status

of our projects or triggers me to ask

for updates. So it's constant, but

having someone to help ensure things

don't fall through the cracks has been

really beneficial.


I organize it by keeping daily tasks at the top and things I need to do this week separated below. Looking at that list every day really helps me know how much time I have and it gives me more control of my day. There is something that feels good about checking things off. For that reason, I typically either print it out, or keep it up on my desktop. Having it visible is important.


You've also mentioned the importance of your calendar. How do you use it with your to-do list?


I'll look at what I have going on tomorrow because that impacts everything from what I am going to wear, to knowing everything that I need to get done that day, and maybe that means I need to come in a little bit earlier. I have to know how I’m going to slot things. I know what I have to accomplish and how much time I have to work with. I might look at my list and think about the support I need to get everything done. And so I definitely have to look at both the to-do list and the calendar to really have a grasp on my work.


What calendar program do you use?


We use Outlook. My calendar is visible on my iPad, computer, and phone. I have one central calendar with all my work and personal appointments so I’m not managing multiple calendars – including anything of my family’s I need to plan around. I color code personal from work so it’s visually distinguished and I mark it as private so my staff doesn’t see it.


How do you stay on top of industry news or your career?



What is your method for networking?



What advice have you received in your professional life that has really stuck with you?


I have learned lots of things, both through mentorship and other people that I network with and hearing about their experiences. The biggest, most basic thing - especially from a business ownership standpoint - for any executive is just planning; having a vision, putting it down on paper, vocalizing your goals. I’ve told my employees that if you're just going through life, and you're not being intentional about it, you are going to wake up and you're going to be disappointed. You're going to maybe be regretful that you didn't do certain things that you wanted to, and you're going to be amazed at how fast time flies.


Every year, I put together my personal goals, my business goals. I share them. My husband and I put together a family plan this year. And looking at that regularly and making sure we're staying on course is really important, understanding what's maybe getting in the way so that we can re-prioritize things in our lives.


What is your work motto?


At MasonBaronet, our tagline is "Good Thinking." It's so simple, but it says so much. It's good thinking to hire us. We provide good thinking. What we try to coach and instill here at MasonBaronet is to be thoughtful about everything that we do. MasonBaronet is in the image business. We help companies have a positive impression in the market place. So I think everything we do has to reflect that. We have to live and breathe our mantra. And it's work - it doesn't just happen. We like to provide our clients with unique approaches to help them achieve the results they are looking for by using our "good thinking."






What do you do during your downtime to refresh and

recharge yourself?


My husband and I like to travel. He runs a business as well.

I think getting away is important because if we take time

off, and stay at home, then we're busy doing stuff in our

house, or running errands. Getting out of our environment

can be very inspiring, too, to see a whole different world, a

new culture, new things. And so I definitely try to do that

regularly, go out on little trips.


I also love working out. It keeps me mentally and

physically in good shape. It makes me feel more confident.

It helps me think more clearly and be more productive.



What I enjoy most is spending time with my friends and family. It keeps my priorities in check and reminds me of what's important. During my downtime, I try not to be on such a schedule ... although that's hard to do.


How important has travel been for you?



What are you reading currently?



What currently fascinates you?


"It’s the best feeling when our work

  leaves an impression. When we know

  our work, works. It's wowing and

  inspiring people."

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