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style + work

Background facts


Job title:


What initially drew you towards working in this industry?


Who or what has been a strong influence of your

style aesthetic?


I think probably living in London. I grew up here

[in Dallas], but I got into all this when we, my

husband and I, moved to London. I did design

think that was a big influencer. Just because the

way we were trained - it was totally objective

and very "not your house, it's their house," and

so it's very client-oriented. I think that had a

big impact, for sure.


It is still how I do things. To me, it's so personal. It's getting to know the client, and getting to know all the things that they like. When we were trained, we would be given these client descriptions that were like, "And their favorite scent is lavender," and just  everything down to what they wash their face with. All of that, because at the end of the day you're creating a space that hopefully reflects them, and that's all part of it.


What inspires you about your work?


It's always changing. There's always something that everyone can learn, which is great. I'm inspired by my peers and my friends that do this. Having a happy client's the best thing. So that's what keeps us going.




Do you usually manage your online shopping during work (maybe between client/vendor calls or meetings), evenings or on the weekends?


What is something you wear that instills more confidence on days you need it most?



What is the most important part of your beauty

routine, that you feel helps complete your look?



My next question was going to be about whether

you prefer lipstick or lip gloss - so that's perfect

to know.


What is your mani-pedi style, and do you have any favorite brands or shades that you like for the summer?


What is your “must-have” product for your hair?



What's your approach to jewelry? Do you have standard pieces that you wear most of the time, or do you mix it up?





Daily commute


What do you do prior to your working hours

that helps you to prepare for the day ahead?


Yeah. That is.


I wake up and then have my morning, get through

emails, and try to gather myself, and then get to

the office by 9:00am or so. And then, spend most

of the day here, and then get back home in time

to be with [her daughter] Sutton and work from

home, too. So it's nice being flexible, that's for sure.


What is the brand, model, and color of your car?


Do you have a favorite playlist, or artist, or radio

station that you listen to on your way to the

office or to client meetings, or are you usually

on the phone?


When you travel for work, what do you do while

you're in the air?


It's always work.


What are your travel essentials?


And what's your method for keeping track of your

travel expenses?







What is your morning office routine?


What does a typical work day look like for you?



What essentials do you have to have when you're

meeting with clients?


My notebook. A tape measure. And that's it.

Samples, if that's what we're talking about, but

for the most part, my notebook is the key thing.


Do you have a specific method that you use to

run meetings that you're in charge of?


It depends on what we're meeting about. There's so many things that we help clients with. For the bulk of what we do, it is furniture and selections and all that kind of thing, but, we work with a lot of clients, too, that are building a house, and we're just there to help and consult. So really, just depends on what it is.


How do you handle job-related stress?


My daughter helps a good bit. Spending time with my family. Taking a bath. I take a lot of baths.


What are some of your office pet peeves?




That's a good one.


Thankfully, I have such a good team, they all work so hard, and being detail-oriented is so important in this. Just being thorough, which, thankfully, everyone here is.


What has been one of your happiest work moments?





Desk drawer


How would you describe your office and workspace?


(laughs) Organized chaos. I know where

everything is, but this is one of those jobs where

there's just a lot of stuff. There's samples, and

there's paint, and there's all sorts of stuff.


We kept everything white for a reason. There's

enough color everywhere else. I mean, we use

baskets to hold it all, which is the only way I

found to make it look okay and picked up.


What is in your office that makes it more

comfortable for you?



What's on your wish list for your office décor?



Is there a specific thought process that went into how items on your desk are arranged?


Well, you guys are working with such a variety of materials ...



What is your favorite office supply and why?


Okay. I love that.


What’s a work tool (app, hardware or software) that is a must-have for you?


How do you prioritize or manage your email inbox?








What is your secret to achieving your daily objectives?



Are you a calendar person?



Is it like an old-school agenda? Shared Apple

or Google calendar-



So let's chit-chat a little bit about calendars. Some people that I've interviewed, they're like, "If it's not on my calendar, it doesn't happen," and we're talking not just meetings but tasks. They block time on their calendars for tasks that they need to get done. Do you do that?


What advice have you received in your professional life that has really stuck with you?







What do you do during your downtime to refresh and recharge yourself?



How important has traveling been for you personally?


What's the next location that you want to visit?


What charities or non-profit organizations are

you involved in?


What about magazines? Are you into them?


Do you tear pages out?



And what are you watching, TV/movies/Netflix...?



What currently fascinates you?


Amy's thoughts about developing a workspace that's most comfortable and productive:

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