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Paige has worked as a stylist for 12 years. She is highly regarded, and sought after in Dallas by individuals and corporations to help bring their interiors or the sets of photo shoots alive. She shops constantly for clients. She  literally designed and built her work studio which includes a full kitchen and bath, unique furnishings, simply stunning art, vintage dishes, books and fascinators all around.



Dress code:

When working in her home studio, Paige sticks to her ultimate no-fuss uniform of black leggings, a black t-shirt, Frye boots, top knot bun and no makeup. When she is on a photo shoot set, she might switch the leggings for a long skirt, or the t-shirt for a cute, smock top. She simply goes for things that she can move in, with a polished touch.


Favorite shops/brands:


Big fan of:



Daily Commute:

When not out shopping for clients, or styling a photo shoot, Paige works in her studio at home, which she considers to be more of an art studio.




Listens to:


Work or play on planes:

Sleeps as much as possible so she can hit the ground running.




Typical work routine:

She wakes up early and checks her email. Some days she is meeting with clients. Some days she is out shopping for her client projects. Some days she is working on the

set of a photo shoot (which involves a lot of packing before she leaves). Some days she is actually working from her home studio. Her work routine is far from typical.


Job stress management:

Being self-employed adds to the stress, but she also enjoys her work. She tries not to take anything too personal and she makes a good effort to take care of herself.



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:


On her wish list (for her office):

Stronger WiFi


Software/apps must haves:




Favorite sites/Designers:


Favorite magazines:

Career advice:

You need to tell people what you want to do.  You have to be ready to hear "no," but also remind yourself sometimes no just means "not right now." Then, you just have to let it slide off your back and keep going forward. A lot of times "no" ends up becoming a "yes" after all.


Work motto:

"My job covers a lot of disciplines. I do a lot of different things for a lot of different clients; it just depends. It's all creative based, and it's all mostly design-based."


"Fashion should be comfortable and personal style should be comfortable in your home as well."

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