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Author, radio show host & non-profit founder

After serving as a priest for 47 years,

Msgr. Don is continuing to deliver his

message by offering his Sunday homilies

on his weekly radio show, writing books, conducting retreats, leading pilgrimages,

and offering lectures and workshops on spirituality. He's enjoying how busy he is

and the freedoms that come with retirement

from the role of pastor - such as designing

and owning his home for the first time ever,

or spending a good portion of each year at

his house in Tuscany.




Dress code:

When working in his home office, he's comfortable in Lululemon. When he's at

a speaking engagement or board meeting,

he is - as you would expect - in his collar

with a nice black suit and really good shoes. For more social occasions, he keeps it

simple in a mock turtleneck or nice shirt

and sport coat.


Favorite clothing shops/brands:


Eyewear brands:


On his wish list:




Daily Commute:



Listens to:





Typical work hours:

7:30am - 6:00pm, or whenever he needs to stop working for his evening social plans.


Meeting essentials:


Pet peeves:


Job stress management:

Realizing how insane it is to self-criticize instead of self-affirm.




Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:

Favorite software:

Office space description:

"It has nice scale." "It's efficient." With several large windows that overlook a view of trees, it is filled with light and nature.


Email management system:

First, deletes everything unnecessary, unsubscribes to as many as possible and tries to keep current with what is left.





Secret to meeting daily objectives:

"I just like simple, uncomplicated and balanced design. I love a space that calms you down. I think that is very important especially if it is your home or the place where you worship."

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