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Originally an attorney, Leah has established herself as a go-to stylist and mentor to other women looking to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. When she's not developing her personal brand, or styling her clients, or working with other hopeful fashionpreneurs, Leah is constantly working on her other responsibility - curating and editing content for InspireNStyle.com. She lives on social media (as many fashionpreneurs do), and she's very mindful of what's happening in the world of style. She's a fascinating businesswoman with amazing hair!


Dress code:

Leah likes pieces that make a strong style statement. She wears custom-made dresses to fashion events, but her daily working uniform is a high-waisted skirt with a belt, and a fun graphic print T-shirt. If she's not meeting with clients, Leah loves a dark wash jean for a more professional appearance. She is considerate of making a stylish first impression wherever she goes, a life lesson she learned from her mom.


Favorite shops/brands/designer:


Big fan of:


On her wish list:



Daily Commute:

Leah begins her day with a morning devotional and workout and (when she's not traveling) enjoys a very short commute

into her home office.




Listens to:





Typical work routine:

Leah's workday always begins with content for Inspire N Style and social media posts. From there, her schedule varies by what appointments she has for her business. She could be meeting with styling clients, being a stylist for photo shoots, gathering information for her next story, speaking at her fashionpreneur events and end her day by attending multiple fashion events.


Meeting essentials:

She keeps it simple with her calendar, a note pad and pen, and her iPad mini.


Job stress management:

Leah mainly focuses on breathing and keeping calm.


Work pet peeve:

Last minute requests.


Happiest work moments:

Helping clients find their confidence and publishing content that really connects with her readers.



Desk drawer:

Holly describes her office as an open and inviting space.

Favorite office supply:


On her wish list (for her office):

A custom-made bookshelf for all of her books.


Software/apps must haves:

Email management system:




Achieving daily goals:

Leah strategically maps out her editorial content calendar and she merges that with her client appointments to fully gain a good perspective of her schedule requirements. She also utilizes a career coach who gives her

to-do items to improve her personal business.


Favorite sites/style bloggers:

Career advice:

"There is no traction without action."

"Success doesn't happen overnight."


Work motto:

Neiman Marcus notepad


"I've always been obsessed with fashion and style,

  so it was a no-brainer that it would be the area

  I would focus on."

"... when you're an entrepreneur, you're

a small business owner and everything is up

to you."

Leah uses a portable clothing rack in her office

to organize her latest styling projects.

Leah's home office allows her to focus her mornings on publishing Inspire N Style content without the distraction of a commute.

Leah's diplomas and law degrees hang in her office alongside art that was a gift from her mom as a sign of confidence.

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