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Dress code:

Being a lifestyle expert means that Kimberly looks nice All. The. Time. If she has a day full of meetings, luncheons, book signings and/or TV appearances, then she usually wears a colorful dress. If she is spending her day preparing for an upcoming photo shoot for a blog post or TV appearance, then she wears pants with a colorful top. The key word here is color - and it's Kimberly's favorite way to enhance her wardrobe.


Favorite shops/brands/designer:


Big fan of:


On her wish list:



Daily Commute:



Listens to:


Business travel essential:





Typical work routine:

There is nothing typical about each day. Kimberly has very different responsibilities in her work - photo shoots, tv appearances, book signings, writing for her blog, vendor meetings for her linens company, charity board meetings - and so her routine is to simply stay flexible and productive.


Meeting essentials:

She likes taking notes in her notebook.


Job stress management:

She loves her work and tends to thrive in challenging situations.


Work pet peeve:

The initial negative "we can't do that" position instead of choosing to view potential opportunities in difficult moments.


Happiest (recent) work moments:

The fact that Monograms For The Home, Kimberly's latest book, is in it's fourth printing!



Desk drawer:

Kimberly describes her office as an open and creative space.

Favorite office supply:


Software/apps must haves (besides email):




Achieving daily goals:

Kimberly uses her email as her to-do list. When she needs to get something done - she sends an email to herself as a reminder. She makes rapid decisions and moves as quickly as possible to stay on schedule.


Favorite sites/style bloggers:

Favorite magazine:

Career advice:

Be authentic and listen to your instincts.


Work motto:


Non-profit organizations:

Follow Kimberly on Instagram at @KimberlyWhitman.

"I love having things a little bit different that not

  everybody has seen."

Kimberly's view of downtown Dallas under development among her family photos and awards from several charitable organizations.

Beyond the conference room are the Schlegel family offices in the order of Kimberly's mother, sister, Kimberly and her brother - each with glass walls. Kimberly's husband's office is also conveniently close.

For days with appointments and meetings, Kimberly wears dresses to look her professional best.

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