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"Watching my clients achieve milestones that they didn't think were possible ... I get goosebumps just thinking about this."

"I share this office with two other trainers so we try to keep it organized, which is great because I can't stand clutter. We each have something in here that makes it personal to all of us. When I was decorating, I was trying to keep the health and fitness theme in mind, with the phrenology head and the succulent plant. It has to be functional with our measuring tools and client information."

Master Trainer at ProCore Fitness

Has been a fitness trainer for over 9 years



Dress code:

Her current company's core colors are black, gray and red so her shoes are what she uses to express herself.


Favorite shops/brands:

(click on links for more info)


On her wish list:


Addicted to:

Eyelash extensions




Client meeting must haves:


Favorite app/tools for clients to use:



Writes in an always present notebook to avoid forgetting things


For client communication:

Text message



Daily Commute:

10 minute drive to studio.






iTunes Radio Stations:

Happy Radio - Pharrell Williams

We Come Running Radio, Youngblood Hawke

The Set List - Skrillex

Also likes, BPM station on XM Radio




Secret to meeting daily objectives:

Paper calendar, "It looks messy, but it works for me."


Training research materials:


Work pet peeves:

"Laziness frustrates me."

Negative, pessimistic attitudes


Job stress management:


Workout - go for a run


Talk to close group of girlfriends


Networking method:

"Take really good care of the people I have. I'm really big on customer service."


Career advice:

Knowledge is power.

Focus on what you can control.


In Kelli's Lululemon bag (click on links for more info):



Notebooks (one is almost full)

Pencil case


Kelli usually wears Nike Frees or Vibram shoes, but occasionally she'll have a barefoot workout.

Kelli's training calendar and notebooks. (Can you tell that she enjoys travel?)

Of course, instead of the typical office chairs, ProCore Fitness uses Balance Ball Chairs.

Kelli's work calendar, which she keeps with her for reference, "Old school, but it works for me."

Kelli meets new potential clients by running errands in athletic wear. People just initiate conversations.

Red, black and gray are the ProCore fitness brand colors.

Kelli's pet peeve is laziness, or negative attitudes.

Yes, those dark tools are the wall are the measurement tools used to educate clients on how fit they are.

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