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Dress code:

Jac prefers to wear soft, comfortable items and she especially loves to mix expensive with affordable pieces for that "high/low mix." When she finds items that she really loves, she'll stock them in several colors. Her daily uniform involves leggings, colorful sweaters and jackets and cute - yet comfortable - shoes. She doesn't mind investing in clothing and accessories that she knows will last, but she also loves everyday items from Target or GAP.


Favorite shops/brands/designer:


Big fan of:


On her wish list:



Daily Commute:

Although Jac begins her days working from her home, she also travels to meet in client's homes and offices, artist's studios and she makes regular trips to a favorite frame shop.


Morning beverage:




Listens to:




Typical work routine:

Jac actually begins her workday the evening before by making her next day's to-do list. She begins each day early, spending the time to review that list and managing her Instagram posts before breakfast. Her workday routines vary based on client needs, her tennis schedule and her family needs.


Client meeting essentials:

Phone for pictures

tape measure

pen & paper


Job stress management:

Tennis / martinis


Happiest career moment:

When Jac makes an art love connection for her clients.



Desk drawer:

Jac prefers to spread her artist research and client papers out on her dining room table (which she likens to her really big desk) - where she works most when at home.

On her workspace wishlist:

Favorite office supply:


Software/app must have:




Achieving daily goals:

Jac uses self-created tools to keep her mindful of all of the details of her work and life. These include her handwritten to-do list, her Excel spreadsheet, and her Word calendar complete with graphics inserted to highlight specific events.


Networking method:

Emailing, calling, and meeting with people. Ultimately, clients find her via word-of mouth.

Career advice:

Treat people how you want to be treated.


Non-profit organizations:


Jac's personal style is an elevated comfortable chic. She knows just the right mix of classic silhouettes combined with statement jewelry for a more interesting, artistic flair.

"My reputation is everything. It is somewhat a

  service, but I'm not producing the art. That is

  what it is. I’m representing these people quite

  literally and I take it pretty seriously."

Kristy's house: a Jac client

Stephen's studio: a Jac artist

"I only pursue and show artists I really believe in. I might be forgoing

  the home runs because I want to show who I believe in and whose

  art I find really fantastic."

"I feel so lucky. Working to me isn't work. It's a passion."

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