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Graphic Designer

Has been in the design industry for 17 years



Dress code:

He is a black tee shirt, jeans with sneakers, and ball cap guy.  If he has a client meeting, he'll fix his hair (skip the cap), put on a jacket, with the added touch of a pocket square.


Favorite shops/brands:


On his wish list:

More pocket squares


Addicted to:

Has over 200 pairs of sneakers in his home. Keeps five pairs of shoes in his office.


Favorite style sites:




Typical work hours:

9:30am - 9:30pm, or later.


Meeting essentials:


Job stress management:

Does other things - like going for a bike ride - to not think about work problems. "When I get back, my brain has been wiped clean, and I find myself far more creative."


Office music:



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:


Office space description:

"Imagine if you had a big country farmhouse and everything centered around your kitchen table - this is my kitchen table space."


Email management system:

He uses Google apps for business. It's basically Gmail, but in an email app. "I don't know if it saves me any time, but it certainly saves me headache. "




Secret to meeting daily objectives:

"If I'm stressed out

  while sitting here,

  having a creative

  roadblock, I stop

  working because I'm

  not getting anywhere

  anyways. So I grab a

  bike and ride."

"Every day, I come to work, I try to be a better designer

 than I was the day before. It's been like that since the

 beginning of my career. I'm always striving to be better."

Duane's desk is the combination of two drafting tables. He spends time, for each of his projects, on both sides of his desk - the sketch/draw/concept side and the execute in Adobe Illustrator on his mac side.

Spare tube and tire lever

Chapstick, Medicated

Car key


Steve Zissou Patch

DCTA Transit Pass

Pens: Sharpie & Uniball

Cycling cap

iPad in fun case

Noise canceling ear buds


Various stickers

Device screen cleaning cloths

This side of Duane's desk space is used for drawing, sketching, painting, and developing initial design concepts on paper. The note cards provide a visual status reference of his ongoing projects.

Duane uses one monitor for emails and social sites, while the other is reserved for design projects and research.

Duane has collected over 200 pairs of sneakers. Determining which of his shoes to wear each day is the most challenging part of his morning routine.

The second room in Duane's office includes more work stations, the printer area, and a convenient kitchen stocked with waters, energy drinks, Cliff bars, coffee and Sriracha sauce (his favorite).

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