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Quixotic is a company that sells pocket squares, but more than that - they hope to inspire gentlemanly acts of kindness, with their square for square program.



Dress code:

Jacket with a pocket square (of course), button down shirts, raw denim jeans, with really nice shoes. It's all about the details, as influenced by Cary Grant or James Bond.


Favorite shops/brands:

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Current obsession:

Raw denim jeans


Can never go wrong with:

A jacket and pocket square - looks great over a t-shirt and jeans, or a button down and chinos, proving that you don't need a suit
or tie to look terrific.


On his wish list:

Small accessories that will add personality and seasonal color detail to his current wardrobe staples.




Typical work routine:

8:00am - 5 or 6pm. Handles meetings and calls in the morning when he's at his most focused, saving the less mentally taxing items for the afternoon.


Office perk:


Job stress management:

Going for a long run helps to burn off stress.



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:

Leather folio with a legal pad, and a good pen.


Email management system:

Uses Gmail, with zero file management - just searches as needed. Leaves emails unread if he needs more time to act or respond.


Software/apps must haves:




Career advice:

Learn in your 20s, and earn in your 30s.


What inspires him about his work:

To encourage others to be more attentive
and help those around them.


Favorite sites/emails for industry news:

Regarding Quixotic's Square For Square program:

"I think it eliminates a barrier to entry to be a good Samaritan, because you're not giving away money or something that you have to pay to replace. You're able to give something away knowing that you're going to get another one. The Quixotic gentleman is simply someone who wants to help others and is just paying attention to people around him."

"I'm very attracted to the history and story behind products. I want something that has personality."

Wireless mouse






iPad (not shown)

Laptop (not shown)


David's folio, which houses his business cards and a legal notepad, is part of his work essentials.

David's background was in finance, so working at WELD has helped him meet a whole new network of creative professionals.

David's to-do list has tasks grouped by business stages which helps him stay focused and clear on what he needs to be working on.

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