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WorkspaceVision is a strategy and consulting firm that helps companies elevate their work environments through interior planning and furnishings. FurnishingVision is a company that specializes on interior architectural product representation. Beth is a member
of The Aspen Institute, a Henry Crown
Fellow, AND she's in the middle of writing
her first book.



Dress code:

For client meetings, she likes a white shirt with a black pencil skirt and fabulous shoes. If she's in her office, she'll comfortably work in jeans and boots.


Favorite shops/brands:


Big fan of:



Daily Commute:

Works in her home office, but is mostly in client meetings and on conference calls.




Listens to:


Work or play on planes:

Work. Always.




Typical work routine:

Handles client conference calls on Mondays and spends her Fridays usually in her office getting paperwork and emails all caught up. The other days are less routine. Whether she's home or traveling, she always begins her day with client emails.


Job stress management:

Embraces work - prefers to be pushed and busy. Understands that she is not in a 'life or death' profession, which helps her maintain her work/life balance.



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:


On her wish list (for her office):

A back painted, glass marker board - to write items on it and keep them top of mind


Software/apps must haves:


Business reading material:




Career advice:

Finesse the shot.


You can only do three things well

at one time.


Work mottos:

I'll sleep when I'm dead.


Stay contemporary.

"I just love the idea of space - how you can maximize it, and how you can personalize it."

pouch full of essentials (see below)




Family photos




"I change my jewelry all the time. I wear something different every day. But, during the workday, I'm very simplistic. I'm presenting a lot, and so I don't want it clinking, clanking, and distracting. I want clients focusing on the material and content, not on me sounding like I have cymbals on my arms."

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