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The bright green item is a 3D print of a human heart, given to Austin by a designer that he represents for Creative Circle.

Creative Talent Recruiter

Has been in recruiting industry over 7 years after being a copywriter in several agencies
in NYC & Oklahoma City.



Dress code:

Enjoys being able to wear something fun. Currently going through a "bright pant phase." Uses his choice of clothing and accessories as a form of self-expression.


Biggest influence of style:

His fiancée, Gabe. "She has taken me out of my comfort zone dramatically."


Favorite places/brands to shop:

(click on links for more info)


On his wish list:

Fresh, new shoes

The perfect work bag


When picking out glass frames:

When in doubt, go a little bit louder.




Typical work hours:

8:30am - 7:30pm, but would work longer hours if he could. "It's that much fun,
and rewarding."


Meeting essentials:

Creative Circle pen


Office perk:


Office pet peeve:

Lack of communication or miscommunication


Job stress management:

Focus on what you can control.



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:

His Creative Circle pen - "It's almost like a security blanket."


Office space description:

Concrete pillar next to him and the lamps he's brought in makes his space feel less

like an office, more like a "living space."




Secret to meeting daily objectives:

Spending energy moving forward, rather

than worrying. Keeps a visual to-do list on

his desktop - instead of a written list, so he can tell how productive he was by the end

of the day.


Career advice from his dad:

Your reputation and your name is all that
you have.


What inspires him about his work:

"I can literally affect this person’s life and make it better, put them in a better space or
if they’re not working - put them to work. That’s awesome."


Favorite sites/publications:



In Austin's canvas bag (click on links for more info):

Industry event invites

Grooming Combs

Travel tooth brush

Work folders

Pics from Austin & Gabe's recent camping trip


Personal paperwork

Business cards

Pill box

Birthday card

Thank you card

Chilly Dilly wrapper

Bank receipt

Designer samples

Being able to wear what he wanted to work was life changing for Austin.

Austin describes his workspace as "absolute controlled chaos." He understands that the amount of items might not appeal to everyone, but he would consider the environment sterile without them.

While Austin mentions his "bright pant phase," his accessories are also used as a form of self-expression.

Austin enjoys his freedom to wear what makes him most comfortable, including his charcoal chunky sweater (on back of chair) for chilly interiors.

Austin works in Creative Circle's open environment with amazing downtown Dallas views.

Austin spends a lot of his day on the phone, and he usually has some item from his desktop in his hand.

"By the end of the day - you can tell exactly how productive I was by how clean my desktop is. If there’s nothing on there, it’s been a good day. It’s a visual to-do list that makes a lot more sense to me, rather than writing it down."

"I can literally affect this person’s life and make it better; put them in a better space or if they’re not working - put them to work. That’s awesome."

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