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Traveling to Thailand, which resulted in living in and around China, enhanced this social media expert's passion for helping others. Her work is entirely about capturing and communicating stories, tips and advice for customers and her fellow associates.


Dress code:

She usually prefers to wear dresses and skirts to work, with heels. Strongly believes that jewelry can absolutely make an outfit.


Favorite shops/brands:


Big fan of:



Daily Commute:

Has about a 45-minute commute each way to work, during which she focuses on positive and self-improvement thoughts.




Listens to:




Typical work routine:


Job stress management:

Chooses a positive mindset - focusing on what she can control, and she distracts her attention, once home, by doing something she enjoys.


Pet peeve:

Meetings without a clear agenda.


Happiest moment at work:

Helping people and communicating stories that have an opportunity to help others.



Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:


On her wish list (for her office):


Software/apps must haves:


Email management strategy:

April aims to not have any unread emails,

so if possible - she responds to her emails quickly. If a response takes more time -

she'll leave the email unread. Responses

that are going to linger for a couple of

days are moved into a folder and added

to her "to-do list."




Regularly reads:


Career quote:


Work motto:

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