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Her firm is focused on insurance and the sleek and cohesive design of her office
space gives clients the understanding
that Amy stands for high quality with an attention to detail.


Dress code:

Comfort is an important factor, so Amy sticks with pants and a jacket for office days and a pantsuit for when she's in court.


Favorite shops/brands:


Big fan of:


Daily Commute:

Amy's day begins with a good workout

and then she's focused on getting her

kids off to school.


Morning beverage:




Listens to:



Typical work routine:


Job stress management:

Besides running, Amy relies on her close group of friends to provide support.


Pet peeves:

Typos, misspelled words, and incomplete sentences in documents that she needs to review drive her a little cray. Poor formatting and font usages also can be distracting to her.


Happiest moment at work:

Knowing that the depth of talent within
her team provides strength and relief from having to manage or handle everything
by herself.


Desk drawer:

Favorite office supply:


On her wish list (for her office):


Software/apps must haves:


Email management strategy:

Amy's email is structured like a filing system with many emails being pushed directly into specific folders. This keeps her inbox centered more on client communications.



Secret to achieving daily objectives:


Networking groups:


Professional advice:


Work goal:



"I appreciate the

  strengths and

  weaknesses of a

  complex insurance

  coverage case. It

  is the perfect mix

  of nerdy analytics

  and litigation, and

  I enjoy both."

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